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[140724] M Countdown - My Ear’s Candy + It’s Raining

SM? ▷


Let us all take a minute to talk about what’s happening with SM.

It’s seems that right after Kris filed it has been nothing but a series of unfortunate events for SM as a company.

It seems that whatever good news does come out of the company a string of bad follows right after.

Lay said they don’t have a problem with their company, but a month later said that he hoped the company could get better and give everyone equal opportunities. Why would he say that after saying nothing was wrong? Why would he contradict himself?

[Trans] Star Gazing: Yunho on the poisoning incident ▷


Yunho - “At that time, a fan came to me and passed me a beverage. But one bad habit of mine is that I am the type who drinks beverages in one shot. I drank all of that and a weird smell arose. And then I collapsed, and beside me people said, “He’s bleeding”. After knowing it…