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yunho + baby 

140723 - Junsu twitter update

The land doesn’t need a tomb in an eternal life. No one can curse a dead soul. Don’t be sad, today is your celebration. The present I have prepared is your eternal life which is more valuable than gold!
Dracula and vampire girls.

Source: 1215thexiahtic

Translation: Shinkipeia

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[GAME] Which DBSK boy's ideal woman are you? ▷


I got this from another website.

I want share it with guys.


Which DBSK boy’s ideal woman are you?


1. Do enjoy talking to younger guys or older?

younger————— go to question 2 

older ————— go to question 3 


2. Are you the type that even gets drunk off of coke?


Chris Brown composed ‘Valentine’ for JYJ’s upcoming album

“The song is armed with an addictive melody and sexy lyrics, which will maximize the charm of JYJ’s vocals” [x]

changmin → tree tour


Happy first birthday, Prince George!

“He was very lively, very confident and very sure of himself. He’s a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I’d have to say his dad, William.” - Photographer John Stillwell

Let me be with you
Let me talk to you
Let me laugh with you
Life can be beautiful like this.

Changmin wants to go home. Changmim really wants to go home. Take Changmin home. Please. 

dbsk + pairings