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work hard, and dream dreams. — TVXQ!


Kim Junsu Bed face + Bed Hair + Tissue in the nose? 



untouchable kpop songs that will always be one step ahead of ur favs:

  • fiction by beast
  • the chaser by infinite
  • nobody by the wonder girls
  • symptoms by shinee
  • abracadabra by b.e.g

sorry wait also

  • mirotic by dbsk
  • genie by snsd
  • haru haru by bigbang

Lee Taeyong // sr14b (smrookies)

SR14B (SMROOKIES)→ Profile

d-trix praising korean idols

always got your back, hyung.. lol


Where’s junsu….
Why are you out there…
Behind the window….
By yourself….

jyj’s messages to yoohwan on his first fan meeting in japan: feat. junsu’s really helpful advice, yoochun’s d’awwww!! brotherly message and jaejoong’s jelly feels